Ratio and proportion. Level : Difficult

Concept: Ratio and proportion |Level : Difficult | Asked in: SBI PO, IBPS PO, MAT.

1. There are 30 shirts in a wardrobe. The ratio of blue and red shirts in that wardrobe are 2:3 respectively. What is the minimum number of shirts that must be taken in order to be certain that at least two blue shirts have been chosen?

A: 2    B: 3   C:14   D:20


The ratio of blue shirts to red shirts =2:3

So, number of blue shirts = \frac{2}{5} (30) = 12

Number of red shirts = \frac{3}{5} (30) = 18

Therefore, in-order to  be sure that at-least 2 blue shirts are picked, we pull out 18 shirts one after the other assuming all of them are red. And then then 2 more shirts are to be pulled being sure both of them are blue.

=> Minimum number of shirts to be pulled out = 20

2. The ratio of the number of chocolates with A and B is 3:2. The ratio of the number of chocolates with B and C is 3:4. If C has 72 chocolates, then how many chocolates does A have with him?

A: 72    B: 64    C: 81    D:90    E: None of these

Solution: C: 81

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3. A container contains 180 liters of a mixture of milk and water. The ratio of milk to water is 2:1. Upon adding certain quantity of water, the quantity of water becomes 75% more than the initial quantity of milk. What is the new ratio of milk to water?

A: 4:7    B: 7:4    C: 3:5    D: 5:8

Solution: A: 4:7 |Concept: Ratio and Proportion + Percentages | Difficulty level : 2

4. There are two numbers, 3x and 2x. If 10 is added to 2x, and 5 is added to 3x, then the ratio between those two numbers changes to 7:10 respectively. Find the value of “x”.

A: \frac{3}{2}    B: \frac{3}{4}    C: \frac{5}{4}    D:  \frac{3}{8} 

Solution: C:  \frac{5}{4}  |Concept: Ratio and Proportion + Percentages | Difficulty level: 2

5. There are a total of 1510 books in a book-store. these books have to be divided among A, B and C in the ratio of \frac{3}{2} : \frac{6}{5} : \frac{7}{3} . How many books did C receive? 

A: 700   B : 500   C: 800   D : None of the above

Solution: A: 700    |Concept: Ratio and Proportion + Percentages | Difficulty level: 2

6. The total income(profits + cost price) of two business men, A and B are the same. However, A’s profit is 55% of his cost price, and B’s profit is 65% of his cost price. What is the ratio between the cost price of A’s business and the cost price of B’s business?

A: \frac{33}{31}    B : \frac{33}{35}   C : \frac{37}{35}      D :  None of these

Solution: A: \frac{33}{31}



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