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How to prepare for SBI PO 2018

Usually, SBI PO examination is held in the month of April(approximate) every year.

The general opinion regarding this exam is that it is of  higher difficulty level. According to AptiLogic, this is not entirely true.

Difficulty level of SBI PO :

The SBI PO aptitude test is more challenging as compared to the other clerical level exams. However, the level of difficulty of  this exam is much lower than MAT and CAT(for example). Any graduate who has cleared( obtained minimum pass percentage) in graduation can easily crack this exam.

How to prepare for SBI PO exam?

In short, the answer to this question is “hard work”. Every student has heard this phrase before. However, allow Aptilogic to explain what “hard work” is. SBI PO requires a unique form of hard work in-order to clear this exam.

This exam expects the aspirants to have radical thinking in combination with speed. What is “radical thinking”? Radical thinking is the ability to solve a new kind of aptitude question that an aspirant may not have come across in any Aptitude book or online portal.

How can you improve radical thinking capabilities?

As hard as it sounds, the only way to improve radical thinking for this exam is to build on aptitude basics. The primary thought is that every question asked in both the arithmetic aptitude and the logical reasoning section should abide by the basic aptitude concepts. Aptilogic tutorials stresses the most on building basics. If an aspirant is strong with basics, then any problem can be solved with ease. Apti logic teaches basics as you would receive explanation from a lecturer in a classroom but in the form of elaborate textual explanation and video lectures. You can register here

The next part is “speed”. How can you improve speed?

Speed can be gained only through extensive practice. You can use monthly magazines, Aptitude books, online portals to practice aptitude tests. This particular book grabs our interest as it concentrates  on aptitude questions of slightly higher difficulty. However, for the reasoning section, we suggest students to learn from online portals. Because, the books do not update the contents as the SBI PO pattern changes every year and new topics will be added every year. You can view our reasoning section too. Furthermore, learn Aptitude for free from Aptilogic

Another detailed post will be published regarding the important topics, expected cut-offs and more. Stay tuned to AptiLogic and Subscribe from the orange box to receive all our free contents in your email inbox everyday for free.

SBI PO 2018 important tips

Let aptilogic explain few important tips to solve quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and English

Quantitative aptitude tips for SBI PO 2018

Students need to be proficient in quantitative aptitude. You can practice aptitude tests by Aptilogic. Furthermore, you can visit other web portals for extra practice. Therefore, students can easily succeed with enough practice and patience. Because of the increasing competition, the difficulty of the question paper increases every year. Applicants need to clear the exam at the earliest.

Logical reasoning tips for SBI PO 2018

Many find logical reasoning to be difficult. And furthermore, students find this section to be time consuming. Logical reasoning is mainly about thinking logically. You need to practice as much as possible, by setting time limits. Students need to solve each question in under 50 seconds. In SBI PO, one can spend a maximum of 15 seconds to read a question. Students need to build the habit of simultaneously reading the question and solving the answer

General English tips for SBI PO 2018

First of all, practice reading newspapers. One can improve current affairs and English comprehension from reading English newspapers. Furthermore, you must practice English as any other section like aptitude or logical reasoning.

In short,

Practice shortcuts for quantitative aptitude

Practice tests for logical reasoning

Improve speed by taking aptitude tests

Read newspapers to improve English for SBI PO

All the best! Aptilogic wishes everyone for the coming SBI PO exams

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