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Learn machine learning for free featured photo
Learn machine learning for free featured photo

What is machine learning? Introduction to machine learning by Google

In this video, the presenter describes real world occurrences where machine learning is already in action. For example, In google search and YouTube video recommendations. Further, the presenter describes in practical terms that machine learning is all about using data and developing relevant inferences. When the extent of data surpasses the capabilities of the human mind, it is far easier to resort to systems built on machine learning platforms.

Basics of machine learning: A few posts to learn machine learning for free

The posts mentioned below mentions the basics of machine learning, the prerequisites for learning machine learning and the tools required to learn machine learning. Machine learning for beginners includes the concepts required, knowledge about the fields included within machine learning, and getting to know the different tools, platforms and software required to build real world machine learning models.

Basics required for machine learning

Basics for machine learning is as follows
  1. Learn Python, data science and concepts of machine learning.
  2. Learn data analysis, manipulation & visualization with Pandas, NumPy Matplotlib.
  3. Learn machine learning with scikit-learn.
  4. Learn deep learning neural networks.
  5. Create a mini project and share via GitHub or a personal blog post.
The post by Daniel Bourke explains in in his post “5 Beginner Friendly Steps to Learn Machine Learning and Data Science with Python

Quick links:

  • Learn about pandas in Python

Tools and software required for learning and developing prototypes based on machine learning

The tools/softwares required to implement machine learning algorithms with ease are
  1. TensorFlow
  2. Shogun
  3. Apache Mahout
  4. Apache spark Mlib
  5. Oryx 2
  6. H20.ai
  7. Pytorch
  8. RapidMinor
  9. Weka
  10. KNIME
  11. Keras
This post by data flair provides details and the importance of each of the above mentioned softwares

Which are the best videos to learn machine learning for free?

If you wish to Learn machine learning for free, then the videos mentioned below provide a great starting point. This video section explains all the basics of machine learning including machine learning free training by famous instutions.

Basics of machine learning: Python for beginners

If you are a beginner looking to learn machine learning, then this 4.5 hour video by freeCodeCamp.org is the best source. This video teaches the absolute basics of machine learning explaining variables in Python, Lists, Loops, Reading and writing to files, Classes and objects in Python, Inheritance. A multiple choice quiz app is also built using Python    

What are the basics of Python required for web development?

If you are into web development using Python, and would like to develop a website based on Python, then this machine learning free training by Mosh provides end to end explanation from installing Python, time required to learn machine learning and python, If statements, for loops, while loops and also builds recommendation websites like YouTube video recommendation  

Machine learning for beginners: Python concepts required for machine learning

This video further explains loops, arguments and variables in a beginner friendly manner. Basics of Python for machine learning such as escape sequences, formatted strings, string methods, nested loops, functions , types of functions and other building blocks for a python programmer.

Python for Machine learning free training by Intellipaat

This is a slightly more advanced and technical tutorials for those who wish to learn machine learning for free. This video course provides quizzes, real world examples, basics on Numpy and related concepts, detailed explanation of machine learning concepts of data frames and also serves basics on matplotlib.

What are networked programs and web services in Python to learn machine learning?

A python programmer must understand web services and networked programming concepts which is required for machine learning. This 13 hour online video course on Python completes the basics of Python required for machine learning.

Basics of machine learning required for programming


This section mainly explains the basics of machine learning such as the theoretical concepts required for Python for beginners, supervised and non supervised learning and logistic regression. The video goes on to explain what is KNN, and why KNN is required to learn the basics of machine learning.

What is Reinforcement learning and Reinforcement learning framework in basics of machine learning?

In order to teach machine learning models to take decisions based on the observed data, concept of reinforcement learning is required. The following video explains in detail regarding reinforcement learning in machine learning models

Basic concepts of machine learning in details: What is Pandas in Python and why is it useful for machine learning?

Pandas is a data manipulation tool. This tool is built on the numpy framework. The most important term within Pandas is the concept of data frames. Data frames allows you to modify and manipulate table data. Pandas also you to organize and analyse data. Pandas is one of the most important concepts required to learn machine learning.

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