direction sense logical reasoning for pgcet mat ibps

Direction sense Part 1- For PGCET, MAT, Banking and job recruitment exams

Direction sense Part 1 provides explanation for important direction sense problems asked in PGCET, MAT, Banking exams like IBPS, SBI and RRB.
  1. If South-East becomes North, North-East becomes West and so on. What will West become?
    a)  North-East
    b) North-West
    c) South-East
    d) South-West

Answer: C) South-East

2. One morning after sunrise, Suresh was standing facing a pole. The shadow of the pole fell exactly to his right. To which direction was he facing?

A) EastB) West
C) SouthD) Data is inadequate

 Answer & ExplanationAnswer: C) South
Sun rises in the east in the morning. Since the shadow of Suresh falls to his right. So he is facing South.

3. Rahul put his timepiece on the table in such a way that at 6 P.M. hour hand points to North. In which direction the minute hand will point at 9.15 P.M. ?

A) South-EastB) South
C) NorthD) West 

 Answer & Explanation D) West

At 9.15 P.M., the minute hand will point towards west.

4. A man walks 5 km toward south and then turns to the right. After walking 3 km he turns to the left and walks 4 km. And then he goes back 10 km straight. Now in which direction is he from the starting place ?

A) South-EastB) North-West
C) SouthD) West

 Answer & Explanation B) North-West
From the given directions, now he is 1km in the North-West direction.

5. Rasik walked 20 m towards north. Then he turned right and walks 30 m. Then he turns right and walks 35 m. Then he turns left and walks 15 m. Finally he turns left and walks 15 m. In which direction and how many metres is he from the starting position?

A) 15 m WestB) 30 m East
C) 30 m WestD) 45 m East

 Answer & ExplanationD) 45 m East

6. K is 40 m South-West of L. If M is 40 m South-East of L, then M is in which direction of K?

A) EastB) West
C) North-EastD) South

 Answer & Explanation  A) East

Hence M is in the East of K

7. Two cars start from the opposite places of a main road, 150 km apart. First car runs for 25 km towards the other car and takes a right turn and then runs 15 km. It then turns left and then runs for another 25 km . In the mean time, due to minor break down the other car has run only 35 km along the main road. What would be the distance between two cars at this point?

A) 65 kmB) 75 km
C) 80 kmD) 85 km

 Answer & Explanation A) 65 km


8. A man is facing north-west. He turns 90 degrees in the clockwise direction, then 180 degree in the anticlockwise direction and then another 90 degree in the same direction. Which direction is he facing now?

A) SouthB) South-west
C) South-eastD) East

 Answer & ExplanationAnswer: C) South-east


new1497431743.jpg image

As shown in fig. the man initially faces in the direction OP. On moving 900900 clockwise, he faces in the direction OX. On further moving 18001800 anticlockwise, he faces in the direction OY. Finally, on moving 900900anticlockwise, he faces in the direction OZ, which is South-east.

9. Amit started walking positioning his back towards the sun. After some time, he turned left, then turned right and towards the left again. In which direction is he going now?

A) North or SouthB) North or West
C) East or WestD) South or West

Answer: A) North or South


If he starts walking the morning then finally he will face towards South and if he starts in the evening then finally he will face towards North

10. One morning after sunrise Nivedita and Niharika were talking to each other face to face at Dalphin crossing. If Niharika’s shadow was exactly to the right of Nivedita, Which direction Niharika was facing?

A) North B) South 
C) EastD) Data is inadequate

Answer: A) North


In the morning sun rises in the East. Hence then any shadow falls in the West. Since Nikharia’s shadow was exactly to the right of Nivedita. Hence Nikharia is facing towards North.

11. P started from his house towards west. After walking a distance of 25 m. He turned to the right and walked 10 m. He then again turned to the right and walked 15 m. After this he is to turn right at 135o and to cover 30 m. In which direction should he go?

A) WestB) South
C) South-WestD) South-East

Answer: C) South-West


Hence he should go in the South-West direction.

12. I am facing south. I turn right and walk 20 m. Then I turn right again and walk 10m. Then I turn left and walk 10m and then turning right walk 20m. Then I turn right again and walk 60m. In which direction am I from the starting point?

A) NorthB) North-West
C) North-EastD) East

Answer: C) North-East


The movements of the person are from A to F, as shown in Fig. Clearly, the final position is F which is to the North-east of the starting point A

13. If A x B means A is to the south of B; A + B means A is to the north of B; A % B means A is to the east of B; A – B means A is to the west of B; then in P % Q + R – S, S is in which direction with respect to Q?

A) South-WestB) South-East
C) North-EastD) North-West

Answer: B) South-East


According to P % Q + R – S

S is in the South-East of Q.

14. A child went 90 m in the East to look for his father, then he turned right and went 20 m. After this he turned right and after going 30 m he reached to his uncle’s house. His father was not there. From there he went 100 m to his north and met his father. How far did he meet his father from the starting point?

A) 80 mB) 100 m
C) 140 mD) 260 m

Answer: B) 100 m


15. Afreena walks 8 km towards East and then walks 13 km back, then she turns left and walks 4 km; then walks 5 km after turning left; she turns left again and walks 3 km. How far is she from the starting point ?

A) 3 kmB) 2 km
C) 1 kmD) 6 km

Answer: C) 1 km


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